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Betta channoides

I keep these fish at 76°F (24°C) in a 20 gallon long. The substrate is white playground sand and there are lots of plants, even emergent anubias. I also put a lot of oak leaves in the tank. I use tap water (pH 7.6, 220 ppm) that has filter bags of peat moss added (I just put the bag in the tank). Malaysian driftwood also helps color the water. I usually keep floating plants like Riccia with them also. Babies just show up in tanks that have channoides. The male will disappear for a few days which means he has a mouth full of eggs. Then the male reappears and a few days later you start seeing babies in the tank. The parents will eat the babies so pull them out if you want lots of fry.  Although in heavily planted tanks you'll usually end up with some fry making it to adulthood even with the parents in the tank.

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