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Crystal Red Shrimp

These are a very popular shrimp for the freshwater aquarium because they breed like crazy, they don't harm your plants, and they are really awesome looking!

Here's the answers to some frequently asked questions:

1) The wild-type shrimp are black instead of red. The red is a mutant form that was propagated in Japan.

2) I raise them in my local tap water which is pH 7.6, 220 ppm, and I keep the temp around 70-74 degrees. I feed them all sorts of fish food, they eat anything and everything. The keys to breeding them are very clean water and tons of food. They eat way more than a fish their size would eat.

3) People have become very interested in selectively breeding Crystal Red shrimp for various attributes. There is a grading scale that starts at C and goes up to B, then A, then S, SS, and SSS. Click this link for the best explanation and pictures of the grading scale that I have seen. A lot of people have trouble with these shrimp so I recommend trying the grade C, just to make sure the shrimp like your water before trying the higher grades.

4) These shrimp are difficult to sex and they are extremely fast when startled. So I will not sort for males or females or for any kind of color pattern or grade in the C or A grades. I send a random scoop of shrimp from those tanks. For the S grade and above I sort for the nicest shrimp.

5) Somebody in Europe has done the experiment and you can keep Cherry Red and Crystal Red shrimp together and they will not breed together. So no problem!


Ok, here's the Grade C shrimp I have available now:



Here's my grade A shrimp:



Here's some really nice grade SS: