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Hi, I have a fairly large collection of tropical fish and frogs that make lots of babies that need good homes. I do not buy animals just to sell them again. Instead, I only sell the fish and frogs born in my own home. I am a microbiology professor at the local university and I am very busy with work and family. So, I will try to reply to your emails as soon as possible but only in the evenings. My background is genetics and my research is on microbes so I'm confident that everything I sell is disease free and genetically healthy! 

I never use your email or shipping address for marketing or give or sell it to anybody else. All animals have a 5 day live arrival guarantee that includes shipping. If the animals arrive dead or die after they have been in your house for a few days, I will either refund all of your money, including the shipping cost, or ship you replacements (my choice). The live arrival guarantee is void if the recipient is not present to accept the shipment. I reserve the right to delay shipment until the weather is appropriate. There are no more guarantees on the replacement animals. 

Shipping is flat rate and there is always a live arrival guarantee that includes shipping. It doesn't matter how much you pack in the box, the price is the same. I do not ship outside the continental U.S.

$44 for Fedex Overnight (as many Fish, Shrimp and Frogs as you want). Saturday arrival is an extra $15 because of extra Fedex fees. I ship whenever the high temperatures are between 20°F and 90°F on both ends, which is pretty much all year. If you won't be home on the delivery day, or if the temperatures are questionable, please send me the address of your local Fedex facility so the box can be held for pickup. You can get the address at fedex.com. Oh, and please let me know your phone number, Fedex requires it for live animals. I have been approved by Fedex to ship live animals and I label the box with "Live Animals, Please Keep At Room Temperature". I put your phone number and my phone number on the box as well. This is the best price for Fedex Overnight you'll find anywhere. There are no hidden fees, this includes the box, styro, heat packs, etc...

The shopping cart on this site lets you use credit cards or paypal. If you have any questions or it isn't working right, please email me. If you need to send me money for something that does not have a shopping cart button, use the "Miscellaneous Item" button. Just put the number of dollars in the quantity box. The shopping cart will then allow you to pay with paypal or various credit cards. Alternatively, you can use paypal to send money to my email address: 



Thank you for the excellent care in both shipping and raising of my 5 D. Auratus green and black. They arrived in excellent condition, are extremely social, and are all around beautiful! They were packaged even better than the frogs I receive at the pet store where I work. Thank you for your time and dedication in this hobby. laurenrackleff at gmail dot com

I purchased 0.0.5 D. leucomelas from Brian.  They arrived healthy and active.  Packing was excellent!!  I will be purchasing more PDF from him in the future. Betty
tortoisekeeper at hotmail dot com

I am just sending you this email to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the deliveries of shrimp that I have received from you. They are all very healthy and colorful. Plus they are an excellent size all the time. I am sending your site to all of my friends, and also to all hobbyist that I know of. Darrell
dgaines at dbaco dot com

I'm a newbie to PDFs, and bought a group of leucomelas from Brian. Brian truly cares for these animals, and it showed in every communication I had with him. He answered all my questions, and was amazingly helpful even when I had to change an order. His customer service was better than any I have ever dealt with, and his responses were very fast, normally within minutes. Thanks Brian, and I will spread the word of your great business every chance I get! James
jnbrown9022 at yahoo dot com

Just a short note of appreciation for the tank. In this day, finding an indivudual who stands behind his business seems rare, and for that, I appreciate the gesture and goodwill. Sincerest thanks again, although your website has caused me indirectly to spend thousands of dollars on frogs! Bruce
brucebcostagli at comcast dot net

I got them today, both were alive and well! They are beautiful so healthy and active! Thank you so much! Feel free to use this as a testimonial as I want everyone to know how great you and your animals are! Mark
xxburton182 at gmail dot com

Thanks Brian. The shrimp arrived alive and I'm not surprised considering the job you did shipping them. Even the heat pack had some life left in it. They colored up within minutes and immediately started eating. I have a densely planted tank full of hair and fuzz algae for them. They're not remotely shy and are hitting it off with their new tank mates: Galaxy Microrasboras/Celestichthys margaritatus. And even the weather cooperated in the end. I couldn't be happier. So thanks for everything. Diane
homestdr at mtida dot net

I bought my first two frogs from Brian and he was very helpful and patient with my questions. I picked them up at his house and got to see his incredible basement. Since then, I bought five more frogs from him and all are happy and healthy. I will definitely be purchasing more from him in the future. Arlan
asilsdor at columbus dot rr dot com

Brian's fish arrived in excellent shape. Less than 3 days later they were spawning. Excellent communications and easy to work with. You won't go wrong purchasing fish from Brian. Mickey
mickey_w at earthlink dot net

I ordered 10 Crystal Red shrimp from and am very pleased with the whole process. Brian sent me some very nice specimens and even included extras. CRS are not easy to keep and the fact that they are so healthy is a testament to his care in breeding them. Couple of the shrimp are some of the biggest CRS that i have ever seen in my life. Definitely recommended. Marc  
marcwong at gmail dot com

I was very pleased with every aspect of my purchases. Brain's fish arrived as promised and exceeded my expectations. Fish are beautiful. Packaged very well.Best of all was Brian's prompt response to my questions and concerns. Recommend him very highly. Antoinette
tonichick01 at earthlink dot net

I have purchased twice from Brian and both times my frogs arrived super healthy and nice and plump. I would not hesitate to buy from Brian again.Amyamy at summitwynds dot com
I recommend Brian very highly. I ordered the shrimp and received very healthy ones, and extras too. Not only that, he replies to e-mail very promptly, shipping is unbelievably fast, and he is a great person to deal with. Karin
carpentek002 at hawaii dot rr dot com 

Brian's tadpole system is a must have for anyone raising frog tads. No more manual water changes! This well thought out and designed system has saved me many hours of time. Brian's customer service and response to questions will definitely make me a return customer.Lance
lwalkerjr at walkercc dot com

I ordered a D. i. intermedius from Brian. WOW WHAT A SHOW STOPPER!! This frog arrived ON TIME, boxed PERFECTLY and was in EXCELLENT HEALTH! I will be purchasing from Brian again in the very near future. I'd also like to add that Brian's e-mail response time is probably the fastest I've ever seen. His attention to his customers is top notch, second to none. THANKS BRIAN! Antone Jones
frogtofall at hotmail dot com

I ordered a pair of Betta albimarginata from Brian. They look absolutely great. It is obvious that they have been well fed and tended with care. The female looks ready to spawn. The fish were ordered on a Sunday and were in my tank by Tuesday afternoon. What more can you ask for?
Bob Kulesa
fredwilmak at earthlink dot net

I have bought a lot of fishes in the last years but I never felt so glad to receive them like with these amazing Betta albimarginata, the reasons?: First of all Brian is a great person and seller this combined with the amazing quality of fishes and very professional packaging permit that fishes arrived in excellent condition and right now I like to buy more Bettas. For sure is very hard find everything in only one seller: honest, professional, communicative with a lot of experience and who offer wonderful and very healthy animals. Highly recommended! Thank You. Juan Torres
juniorbh3000 at yahoo dot com

I received a group of 4 fantastic B. albimarginata from Brian, these are amazing healthy fish and have already started to establish territories, they started to eat mosquito larva and brine shrimp strait off the bat, they are showing no stress colors and I am all around very PLEASED with Brian and his packaging and fantastic quality of fish, I will for sure be buying from him again. Craig Bolton

I ordered a pair of betta albimarginatas from Brian and he went out of his way to ensure a great transaction and refunded me an excess amount of shipping I had given him. I would definitely do business with him again in the future!Williamwlau at earthlink dot net

Great service, great frogs, odered four pumilio man creeks in Jan. of 2006. Service was very fast and frogs arrived without any problems. All are doing very well, and I will definetely be doing business with Brians tropicals in the future.JeffJeffkalda at aol dot com

I bought a couple of plecos from Brian and what can I say, he's a great seller. Great communication, reply to my e-mail immediately and the goods arrived as promised. I will definately recommend him and certainly would like to buy from again in the future.Scottscott_dee2001 at yahoo dot com

Brian is a great person to deal with and he stands by his word. He has great prices and wonderful animals. If I am looking for frogs he is my first stop.DrewGrungpunker at comcast dot net
I ordered a pair of A. Australes and they are magnificent, even more beautiful than I had expected. They arrived right on time and looking very healthy. They started eating the next day, and now three days later they are still happy and going strong. Thanks Brian! I will recommend you to everyone I know!!Stacydisposablegoldfish at yahoo dot com

The frogs I purchased from Brian were beautiful healthy specimens at a affordable price. Brian provided helpful care tips and the frogs arrived on the day I requested. I would not hesitate to buy again. Brian M. BFMcEvoy at aol dot com

I purchased 4 D. imitator intermedius from Brian that are all beautifully marked, fat, healthy, and eating well. From showing me around his impressive frog room and taking lots of time to discuss various aspects of keeping and breeding dendrobatids, he was a pleasure to deal with. Brian is extremely knowledgeable and professional and I will certainly purchase frogs from him in the future.Ericebauernschmidt at yahoo dot com

Brian is a top notch guy. Great frogs. Healthy as all. The service is excellent. I have been having a problem with my fruit flies and Brian has helped me all the way. I will be back for more frogs as soon as I get the experience under my belt. It is hard to find people this good. And I know to stick with a good thing when I find it. Thanks again Brian.JasonFishworlderie at aol dot com 

I purchased 3 pairs of Aphyosemion australe from Brian. After checking out his website, I hoped the quality of his fish were as good as his website and fishroom looked. I wasn't disappointed--these fish were show quality! Just to let all of you know, my experience competing in AKA (American Killifish Assoc.) throughout regional shows in Midwest has made me pretty good at recognizing great fish. Keep up the good work, Brian!Jimfishscatterer at comcast dot net

I bought 4 Dendrobates auratus from Brian. I am really happy that I decided to buy from Brian. They arrived healthy with big bellies and ready to eat some more. Wonderful person to deal with and with no doubt I will buy from him again soon. Thanks Brian.Diego Cubasdiegocubas at gmail dot com

I bought four zebra plecos from Brian, and while we had to wait for a break in the weather to ship, he was great about keeping me posted on their well-being, and not selling them elsewhere! The fish all arrived via Fed-Ex happy, healthy and eating like pigs. It's been several months and they are still doing fine. I'd buy from him again, easy guy to deal with, honest, and sells a quality product.Karen Perduewindamyr at yahoo dot com

I bought two zebra plecos from Brian. All I have to say is he is a great guy! We had to wait for about two months before weather cleared up but.....in a tragic accident, the shipment was stuck in progress from a break in the shipping belts which in turn froze the two zebras! Brian quickly refunded my money. He is a honest and respectable guy! I recommend him!Jeremy Cisneros aka. jerms55555 jerms_5 at mac dot com

Purchased 2 pairs of imports from Brian. I was able to pick out the exact ones I wanted, and he offered to replace any if we guessed wrong on the sex. The frogs were healthy and fat, and are still doing well to this day months after the purchase. Will be doing business with him again soon!Kyle Koppkyle1745www.kylesphotos.com

Brianstropicals is on of the most impressive operations I have ever personally witnessed. From the awsome Zebra Pleco breeding tanks to the Unbelieveable Dart Frog room. Brian runs a top-notch operation with some of the finest specimens I have ever bought.Jeff Beckleyjeffrey_beckley at hotmail dot com 

I purchased 3 pairs (2- Man Creek, 1- Chiriqui Grande) of imported Pumilio from Brian. All were in excellent condition when I received them and are still fat and healthy today, many months later. I definately will be purchasing more frogs from Brian down the road.Matt RogersMRogers1 at insight dot rr dot com

I received 6 Man Creeks from Brian, 3 pairs exactly the first time around. They are still alive and producing nice little froglets. I would not hesitate to purchase frogs from him again.Jace Kingguyking at insightbb dot com

Brian has a topnotch fishroom and an amazing dart frog breeding facility. I bought a group of panda cichlids (Apistogramma nijsseni) and a half dozen bristlenose plecos (Ancistrus sp) -every one was a perfect specimen and they are thriving. Brian was very gracious inviting us over to see his operation and generously revealing his care techniques.I would recommend Brian's animals and expertise to everyone!Amy ZerkleReptile4me at aol dot com

Brian's set up is professional in a way that would make any hard-core hobbyist drool. Don't visit his place unless you want to totally rethink the way you have your tanks laid out, having him ship to you is an excellent alternative however. The L46 H. zebra F1s I got from him have been thriving and healthy since day 1.Christopher Cooke chrcooke at med dot umich dot edu

Brian's great, replied to my e-mails right away, and found me the coolest male Bristlenose (ancistrus sp.), a big specimen, nearly 6" long! Great job packing & shipping despite the US post office's slowness (5 days by priority mail = one rather irritated fish). But he has settled in just fine, no signs of stress. Obviously, Brian takes excellent care of all his animals. :) Thanks, Brian!Jinny ChieuJ4782 at aol dot com

Awesome cute little zebra pleco from Brian. Nice packaging, and reply my email right away, and helpful. I will definately buy from him again and will also recommended him to all my friend.Khai Thiantbkhai at yahoo dot com